Corporate Bucket Hats: A Tool for Marketing

Bucket hats are mainly used for fishing, and other outdoor activities. In some ways, it is a substitute for the old straw and general outdoor hats which date back quite a ways. This kind of hat is popular for fishing because it protects the neck from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun which not only cause sunburn but also may cause skin cancer. It is well known by everybody that fishing requires sitting under the sun for long periods of time. During outdoor activities when a person remains in the sun it is quite reasonable that he/she will look for neck protection that this kind of hat can provide.

Green House effect is now the most discussed subject in the world, and unfortunately green house gas is mostly produced in U.S. territory. Many people in the United States are health conscious and they prefer to take protection against sunburn causing skin cancer and therefore try to avoid direct contact with the sun’s rays. This is another important reason why the popularity of the bucket hat has increased.

In the United States these days, hats are very useful tool for market promotional activities, or the brand promotional activities of a company. Corporate bucket hats are now the preferred item for all of them because of its utility and because it is retained for a long time by the wearer. These hats are used in trade shows, outdoor marketing programs, the promotional activities of school, college, and sometimes the eminent b schools. As a marketing tool it lasts for long time and that is the reason big companies are now selecting this type of hat for their promotional purposes.

The material that is used for bucket hats are denim, canvas, cotton and nylon. In cotton categories there are many varieties like, cotton twill, 100% washed cotton, mixed cotton. There are also some varieties of linen like normal dyed washed hat, pigment dyed washed hat, cotton washed hat, pigment dyed hat with zipper pocket, bucket hat with floral print, bio washed bucket hat, bucket hat, and safari styled hat. The bucket hats with embroidery also vary in size as in accordance with the head size of the wearer. If the size of head is 6” 7 1/8”, then small and medium bucket hats will be fit for the person, and if the size of head is 7 1/4” to 7 3/4”, then bucket hats’ should be of larger and extra larger size.

Bucket hats are not unisex in style. For example, men’s hats come with denim, corduroy and camouflage twill while newsboy caps are popular variety of girls’ hats that come with floral design and corporate motifs. This type of hat is custom made meaning that it is made at the discretion of the customer. The customer can select the size, color, logo position thread color, front face, and if there is to be any individual message or text to be introduced. All of these factors are determined by the customer. Therefore, it can be made in accordance with a particular style and when it is coordinated with beautiful embroideries it is really becomes a classy gift item that has the elegance and style that people like to preserve for its uniqueness and is therefore retained for a long time. This is the reason that this tool creates a brand consciousness that is usually successful.


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