Hats for Men - A Corporate Tradition and Stylist approach

Men who wear hats sometimes give the impression that they are somehow a different kind of man. Although it is not now customary to wear a hat, there are different kinds of hats that are suitable for different types of occasions. Needless to say, the size and material of the hat largely depends on the season and climate. In the rainy season a washable quick dry material is used more often but in the wintry season a woolen material gets the preference. It works as a protection for head from the cold.

Look wise and gesture wise men’s hats differ greatly from ladies’ hats. These days, there is a trend to use unisex products but in the last two decades there were two very different types of products in both looks and material wise. Ladies use to wear lacy corporate hats that had a feminine charm and were sometimes affixed with a scarf. Men wore hats that had a stiff top and were made of tough materials as if it reflected their masculinity. At that time, the hat was the emblem of his social status. Everyone can remember Old Hollywood movies where the arrogant landlord used to wear a stiff tall kind of hat as if it were a symbol of his high social status. Conversely, ladies hats were made of soft in materials that allowed them to maintain the essence of fragile feminine charm.

These days’ hats are not an essential part on man’s dress nor are they a social status symbol. Now they are part of a trendy fashion and some people wear hats in order to look trendy, or they are worn as extra protection from the weather especially when people are outside. Recently, there is a trend that people were wearing baseball hats, or caps, but it is a unisex product and there is no difference between men and women wearing them. There is nothing in particular about the necessity of this cap when it is used as a trend by the younger generation.

There is another advantage of wearing hats for aging people especially those who are suffering from a problem with hair loss. They can shield their head as well as can take on a sporty or at least a different look while wearing a hat.

There are some professions where wearing a hat is compulsory. A judge wears a hat that has a quite different look but it is distinctly different from others and symbolizes his power and authority. Similarly, the hats that are worn by policemen identify their rank and titles and are immensely prestigious to them. Army hats that identify all the ranks are the integral part of the uniform. Firemen also wear hats that are entirely for their protection. Another trend that is not only followed by the younger generation is the hats that are worn by cricket stars. Company’s can make their profit out of this type of marketing. In addition, if a popular hero ever uses a particular hat in a movie that is a hit, the hat becomes the hottest item on the market.

It is clear that except for some special areas of service hats, they are now being worn more as a fashion accessory. That is why cowboy hats and base ball hats are most popular categories selling in the market..


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