Different Types of Promotional Caps and Hats

As stated earlier, there are many different kinds of hats that are available and are worn for different kinds of activities. These days, hats are not only worn as an essential accessory, but also as an accessory to match the outfit or to look more fashionable. One of the more popular varieties is the corporate logo hat which is embossed with a company’s logo .The logo is digitized before printing. Aside from their promotional activities, some of the international brands sell this type of hat which is embossed with their logo. It generates revenue and at the same time provides better representation for the establishment of that particular brand. Nike or Adidas are such brands are well accepted throughout the world and these hats, or caps and add some spice with their ever increasing use.

Hats with embossed logos are often used in social activities and fund raising activities. Companies arranging these kinds of events make these types of hats for use by their employees or by the participants. Another popular variety of hats available in market today is the corporate hat. It is designed so that it provides better protection from sunburns. A bigger rim is attached with the hat and it looks like a dome from the upper side. 

There are many varieties of corporate hat such as the Belle, Catalina, Resort, and Adventure corporate hats. All of these hats are mainly meant for ladies. Catalina is the name of a hat that is small in size and dome shaped. Adventure hat is also called a safari hat because of its neutral color. For outings during a safari or in forest areas, this type of hat is preferred by the guides. For the neutral color it does not attract the animals while protecting the wearer’s head from sunburn.

Another hot variety of hat in market is flexi fit hat. In fact it is the unisex hat, free sized and 100% wash proof and trendy. Spandex is the material that is used along with the fusion of other materials. It is the result of the use of Spandex that the hat takes the shape of head of the wearer. This type of hat comes with unique embroidery.

The corporate flexi fit hats are specially designed and custom made. In fact the manufacturer of this kind of promotional hat keeps a lot of samples and a proposed design for the hat, depending on the budget of the company and the type of promotion. These days, the hat manufacturing companies keep a preview tool for determining the proposed design of the hat so that the company who is providing the hat can look at it prior to it being produced.

Therefore, a simple accessory such as a hat there is a good promotional tool especially for younger generation. However, this market is ever changing. Today the hot fashion is the baseball cap or cowboy hat but in another six months there will probably be another fashion trend. Hat manufacturers keep a track with all these changes and design their products accordingly to keep up with the pace of the market.


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